Rockin´ Ricky

bizilagunen rock & Rolla

Patioko lehioak irekiak ditugun egunetan, kitarra soinu eta ahots sendo baten oiartzuna datoz gurera. Rocking´Ricky da, auzoko azken rokeroa.

Kartel serie honetan, txapela, tipografia eta kolorea nahiko izan da Rickyren esentzia agertzeko: 

don´t fence me in

Give me land,
lots of land under starry skies above,
don´t fence me in.
Let me ridethrough the wide open country I love,
don´t fence me in.

Rockabilly Fever

Well I’m a-steppin’ out tonight I’m gonna bop ‘til I pop.
Well I’m through with funky music and I hate the bus-stop.
I gotta sweet lil’ woman she’s the cream of the crop.
We got the rock-a-billy fever on a Saturday night.

I’ll Be A Doggone Cowboy All O’ My Life​

Throw that rope, brand that calf, Dream of a girl in a photograph. I got no home, I got no wife, But I’ll be a doggone cowboy all o’ my life. ​

Boppin’ the Blues

All my friends are boppin’ the blues it must be goin’ round.

All my friends are boppin’ the blues it must be goin’ round.

I love yuh baby but I must be rhythm bound.

Rockin´Ricky poster 2021

Jukebox Creep

I buy my records at the record shop

I take them home and I do the bop.

Well I ain’t got time for countin’ sheep

‘Cos I play my records in my sleep.

I’m a jukebox creep, a jukebox creep.

Devil Woman

Oh, devil woman, devil woman, let go of me!
Devil woman, let me be and leave me alone,
I wanna go home.